Friday, January 28, 2011

dumped by BFF?

WHO needs ex-boyfriends when we already got ex-besties?
dumped by ur best fren? 
it's worse than bein dumped by ur BOYFRIEND.
when ur best fren suddenly and purposely drops you,
you heart can feel so broken dat u fear you will never ever get over it.
you rack ur brains for anything u might hv done that could caused her
to give the flick but deep down you know dat its not about dat.
YOUR BFF is not annoyed wif u.
she's over u and giving a message loud and clear dat ur frenship is 
past its use by DATE!
the signs are HARDLY SUBTLE.
first for no reason she just stops clinging to u,
moves to another seats in the class (its so just like me but then im used to it)
stops complaining at u about others 
and more harder than u can accept,
she's CONTINUOUSLY rejecting ur calls, not replying ur texts
and u dont speak for days, which turns into weeks.
u hear that shes been hanging out wif completely different gang of people 
but WITHOUT inviting you.
you dont understand it and you almost CANT believe it,
understandably and incredibly,
i know how u feel ryte now bcoz i already felt it b4,
YOU feel frustrated and surround wif anger and defiant. 
tell urself that you're better off without her.

BUT as you are forced to adjust to not having him/her in your life you slip into a kind of grieving period where you feel incredibly hurt,lonely,insecure,and embarrassed that she has treated you so badly in front of everyone else you know. 

when a friend suddenly cuts you off its only normal to seesaw between overwhelming feelongs of rejection, helplessness and inadequacy and emotions like sheer rage. --MATA RICHARDSON--

when you best fren wipes you, 
it takes time, courage and new frens
to help mend your broken heart.
rather than denying these feelings, 
try to acknowledge them and talk them over
wif someone outside that frenship circle.
if u find ur heartache hijacking ur thought to the point
where u cant think of anything else,
try to view ur feelings as though
you are seeing them thru de lens of a camera.
identify ur emotions and why u r feeling them
try to stay removed from them
so that they dont keep making you fall apart.

when u've been dumped by ur bestie 
u may feel so hurt and betrayed 
it seems de sadness will never end.
so its important to nurture urself,
keep thinking of others time when u were heartbroken and got thru it.
keep telling to urself, 
"this too will pass and i will come out to other side of it 
much stronger and wiser person."
keep ur cool and hold on to ur self-esteem,
demanding dat she explains herself wont mend ur heart.
BETTER to walk away quietly and
REMIND urself that if she's or he's capable of bein this ruthless and scheming
then its better that you see her true colours and
get her/him OUT of your life.

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